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  1. UVB Light treatment for Vitiligo saved my life

    This is the real story of a 33 year old woman published in the Daily Mail

    'They said my skin was like a cow's': Woman who was bullied about her vitiligo reveals how a tanning treatment improved her condition by 50% - and says she now wants to be a model

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  2. What you need to know about light therapy for psoriasis

    In the medical news today is a very interessting article about: What is light therapy for psoriasis?

    it will tell you from what happens, when you need or should do it.  Risks and side effects are very welllexplained.

    As options for the light therapy these will be discussed.

    The different types of light therapy for psoriasis include:

    • Narrow-band UVB.
    • Broad-band UVB.
    • Laser UVB.
    • Topical PUVA.
    • Oral PUVA.
    • Pulsed dye laser (PDL).
    • Balneophototherapy.
    • Low-level light or laser therapy.
    • UVB phototherapy at home

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  3. Vitamin D and UVB Therapy may improve Vitiligo symptoms

    According to a recent case-control study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, narrow-band ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) therapy increases serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and decreases symptoms in patients with vitiligo.

    We found this article and want to publish it here in full:

    Vitamin D improves vitiligo

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  4. Red light treatment for psoriasis?

    Where can red light be used. Even with psoriasis it has some effect.

    Through grants and clinical trials in the years since the initial research, RLT has proven effective for some medical conditions, including:


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    red-light-therapy-psoriasis therapy

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  5. Meet the Experts on the Frontlines of Psoriasis Research Home Treatment

    As in every field you will have experts researching the why and what to do with Psoriasis.

    We would like to introduce a few of them to you

    Nehal N. Mehta, M.D.

    Joel Gelfand, M.D.

    Richard Wang, M.D.

    Experts on UVB-Therapy from home



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