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  1. Vitilgo and Psoriasis flaring up during Corona times

    The Question is and answered by an Irish dermatologist why skin conditions have been flaring up amid coronavirus pandemic. Everything you need to know from products to avoide, hand-washing and routines you should maintain.

    The skin expert shared his thoughts and reasons why pre-existing conditions may be getting worse and what you can do to stop it.

    The doctor said the increase may be due to a number of external factors, such as stress or a change in their regular cleansing rituals. Stress has an effect on the hormone Cotisol which can result in a flare up.

    Skin Conditions during Corona

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  2. How to treat and manage psoriasis with phototherapy

    Please find a jointly released guideline for Management and treatment of psoriasis with phototherpay publised by the ournal of American Academy of Dermatology. This will give you an inside of what do take into account if you treat your skin condition with UVB Light - which wave lenghts are important and many more information on this subject.

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  3. New treatment in the works for disfiguring skin disease, vitiligo

    In many parts of the world there it is still a stigma to suffer from vitiligo. Even to the point the rejection is so crippling that people think of harming themselves or are even thinking of suicide.

    More and more reseach is done in this direction 


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